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Pursuing Third-Party Personal Injury Workers' Compensation Claims in Washington State

In Washington State, most workers are covered by the Workers' Compensation Act if they are injured on the job or contract a job-related illness or medical condition. Some workers are entitled to compensation in addition to workers' compensation benefits, however. If you are injured on the job and a third party (someone who is not your employer) is responsible for your injuries, you may be entitled to file a third-party personal injury claim.

A common example of a third-party personal injury claim is that of an on-the-job car accident. If driving is a part of your job and you get into a car accident involving another vehicle due to the negligence of that driver, you may be able to file a third-party personal injury claim against the other driver. This means that you could collect workers' compensation benefits as you normally would and also file a lawsuit for damages not covered by workers' compensation.

The Seattle work injury lawyers at Foster Law, P.C. look at your workers' compensation case from all angles to help you maximize your benefits and obtain full and fair compensation. When a client comes to us with a workers' compensation case, we investigate whether they have a third-party personal injury claim. The types of compensation available in a third-party civil case are different from the benefits offered through the workers' compensation system. In a third-party action filed in a civil court, an injured worker may be able to recover compensation for pain and suffering, future lost wages, and other non-economic damages. Third-party personal injury claims can greatly increase the financial compensation that injured workers receive.

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