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Workers' Compensation Claims Under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act

As an employee of a federal government agency, you may be entitled to certain protections under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA) if you are injured on the job. These protections include, but are not limited to, compensating you for lost wages as a result of your injury, coverage or reimbursement for medical expenses as a result of your injury, and a schedule award for permanent residuals of your injury.

At Foster Law, we are dedicated to helping you recover all benefits you are entitled to under your FECA claim. We understand that navigating the federal workers' compensation process can be both frustrating and confusing. Our office can help you through any stage of your claim, including:

  • filing your claim;
  • putting together evidence sufficient for claim approval;
  • Appealing a claim denial;
  • requesting any medical or compensation benefits you are entitled to;
  • adding on any new medical conditions that have not been accepted as work-related;
  • Reviewing and responding to a light duty job offer;
  • assisting with getting your medical and/or compensation benefits reinstated if your benefits are terminated;
  • navigating the vocational rehabilitation process; and
  • helping you obtain a fair and reasonable schedule award for the permanent effects of your injury.

In addition, our office will be handling COVID-19 cases for health care workers.

If you have any questions regarding whether you have a FECA claim or whether we can assist you in obtaining benefits, please reach out to our office today for a free consultation.

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