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Why We Do What We Do

Posted by Tara Reck on March 15, 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully negotiated a pension for a long time client and Vietnam War veteran.

On March 4, 2011, he was assaulted while trying to assist in restraining a combative patient at the mental health treatment facility where he had been working for the prior 20 years. In the assault his right arm was so severely twisted that it damaged the nerves and required surgical repair. Given the severity of his condition, he was not quick to heal. As a result, he was laid off in 2012. Losing his job took a significant toll on his emotional health. In early 2014, the Department concluded that he was capable of returning to work and terminated his benefits under the Industrial Insurance Act, leaving him in dire financial circumstances. During the process he lost everything and became homeless. 

We had no choice but to appeal the Department’s decision to close the claim and terminate benefits since the Department’s own psychiatrist stated that our client was not capable of working. Luckily, during the appeal process we were able to persuade the Department to take a second look at the medical evidence and facts of the case. Upon review, the Department agreed that our client is permanently and totally disabled and should be placed on a pension. Once again, this truly life changing outcome reminds us of why we do this work at Foster Law, PC. We are proud of what our hard work accomplished for this hardworking veteran whose livelihood was taken from him by a tragic workplace injury. 

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