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What is Third Party Liability?

Posted by Foster Law on October 6, 2015

What you need to know about third party liability if you have been injured on the job.

If you have suffered a workplace injury and those involved were not your employers, you may be entitled to file a third-party liability claim. The following is a brief description of what a third party is and whether a third party liability claim may be sought.

What Constitutes a Third Party?

In a workplace injury, the third party is someone other than a co-worker or employer. It could be a manufacturer, another individual, a municipality, another company or a vendor — anyone who, due to negligence, may have participated or caused the work-related injury or illness.

What Is Third Party Liability?

Third party liability transpires when a worker that has been injured or a person that has suffered a job-related illness makes a claim against someone other than their employer for monetary damages.

What Is the Difference Between a Third Party Liability Case and Workers' Compensation?

When you get injured at work or suffer from an occupational disease, you are generally covered by Workers' Compensation which compensates you for medical expenses and in some cases lost wages. However, Worker's Compensation does not cover you for continuing losses of income, for permanent medical disabilities or for long-term losses of income from the effects of a workplace illness or accident.

In these circumstances, ill or injured workers or, if there is a wrongful death, their surviving families, may bring a third party liability case against the negligent party. Any judgements or settlements received in a third-party liability or wrongful death case are over and above what is received from Workers' Compensation benefits. You cannot sue your employer if they have Workers' Compensation insurance, but in specific circumstances you can sue a third party for additional damages.

If I Am Hurt On the Job and I Collect Workers' Compensation Benefits, Can I Still Collect Monetary Damages From a Third Party?

Yes, an injured or sick worker who is collecting Workers' Compensation benefits can bring a claim against a third party for suffering, pain, loss of life or for an injury received on the job.

What Do I Need To Do To File a Third-Party Claim?

The process is the same for anybody that brings a lawsuit in Washington State. To file a lawsuit, a claimant's representative would proceed with the necessary discovery process and in some cases the case could potentially be settled during this phase or if not, it will continue on to court.

Do I Need To Hire an Attorney for a Third Party Liability Case?

When you file a claim against a third party for injury or illness on the job, it is important to be mindful of the association of the third-party claim to the Workers' Compensation claim you are involved with. These complex legal issues can be best handled by an experienced attorney.

What Should I Do If I Think I Have a Third Party Liability Claim?

If you are collecting Workers' Compensation benefits, you should speak with the attorney that is handling your Workers' Compensation case. At Foster Law, we review and evaluate every Workers' Compensation file to determine if there is the possibility of a third party liability action by obtaining as much information as we can about how our client became ill or was injured. Through that assessment process, we are then able to identify potential third parties and proceed accordingly.

Get Help with Your Third Party Liability or Workers' Compensation Claim in Seattle

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